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Bret M. Rich, Attorney & Counselor at Law represents those charged with felonies and misdemeanors. Bret M. Rich will analyze your case from every angle and defend your rights aggressively. You can trust him to fight for your rights as if they were his own.

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What Bret M. Rich will do for you

What Bret M. Rich will do for you

While some lawyers may just be in it for the money, Bret M. Rich will devote himself to your case completely. Here are six reasons you can trust him to take your case:

  • He'll fight to help get your record cleared.
  • He'll see if he can fight against the opposing side using their own statements.
  • He knows how to catch inconsistencies in arguments.
  • He'll demand that evidence be tested at preliminary hearings and jury trials.
  • He knows what the arresting officer should have done, even if they don't.
  • He can represent you if your case is eligible for expungement.

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Learn what not to do when you're facing a criminal charge

You know not to talk to the police until you've spoken with your attorney. Bret M. Rich offers these six additional tips to help build your defense:

  • Don't try to cut a deal with the prosecutor.
  • Don't open from a position of weakness.
  • Don't assume the police did their job correctly.
  • Don't back down from the idea of a jury trial.
  • Don't hire an attorney who will take shortcuts and jeopardize your future.
  • Don't leave any stone unturned during the process.

Above all else, remember you're innocent until proven guilty. Hire a lawyer who will defend your reputation to the end. Call 314-721-4472 now to learn more about criminal defense law in Clayton and St. Louis, Missouri.